Candid Magazine – Issue 9

Candid Magazine – Issue 9, Winter 2014

The End of the Avant-Garde: Does institutionalising performance art take away its edge?


An artist knitting wool being pulled from her vagina, a young man claiming he will lose his virginity in front of a crowd, audience members forced to face the wall in silence, a one night drag and art extravaganza; what do they have in common? They are all performance art pieces that have entered the daily discourse of the press and the public in the last year.

It is not very often you get on a bus in central London and hear in depth conversations about art, but performance art has made that leap and bridged the gap between bin men and academics – becoming a medium everyone can discuss. No longer shows attended by art’s “in-crowd”, performance artworks appear in the pages of the Daily Mail and people queue for hours for their second of contact with Marina Abramovic. Performance art has gone mainstream…

Available for purchase at select retailers and online.


With Special thanks to artists Andrew Logan, Casey Jenkins (pictured) and Alexander Costello for your quotes, pictures and willingness to be interviewed.


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